Friday, February 14, 2014

Give Me 5! It's Friday!

Well friends, it's been a long week! I am so thankful for the sunshine I saw today and am looking forward to warmer temperatures tomorrow in our neck of the woods! Here are my 5 things for this week...

1. Our week started off on a very good note with our Valentine's Party at our homeschool co-op. The boys brought Valentines for their friends (ninja turtles of course), along with some cute bags for their Valentine's from friends. I am proud to say I did not fall into the Pinterest fad of homemade valentines. They are too cute, but my boys just prefer the store bought kind. So we kept it simple, except for the fact that I waited until after 8 pm on Sunday night to fill in 50 valentines. Lovely.
We are so blessed to have such a great co-op in our area. The day included a guest speaker on gun safety, lots of crafts, pizza making in the preschool room and a scavenger hunt in the preschool room. I mainly help out with Asher's group (preschool) so I really get to see a lot of what he does each week. I teach Raleigh's group first thing in the morning, but regrettably miss out on a good portion of his class time. But I figure this is a good balance for us, being that he spends a lot of time with mama through the week and sometimes Asher misses out on "mama time" while Raleigh is doing important subjects like phonics and reading. Both boys love going to co-op, so it works for us!

2. We had an ice storm in South Carolina this week. Never have I seen so much ice in my life! We lost power around 10:30 am on Wednesday and it was restored at 8:15 on Thursday night. Thankfully, we were blessed to be able to stay with my husband's parents who had a generator. So the farm boys got lots of good family time and playtime with their cousin. The ice storm caused a lot of damage. Our driveway was blocked with huge tree branches, and branches (not limbs, big, heavy branches) were also scattered everywhere throughout my yard. There are still many families without power and there are many hard-working men out and about working to repair the damage. My prayers are with them all!

3. The ice storm meant a lot of work for my farmer and the farmers in my family. We have three greenhouses that have been seeded (planted) with tobacco seeds to make tobacco plants to be transplanted this Spring. These greenhouses needed power to stay warm. So the men had to keep generators going no matter the weather. Also no electricity can mean trouble for cattle. Electricity ensures the cows receive water and are kept in their pens safe and sound. For some reason cows like to roam on occasion, especially when they are not supposed to. Thankfully the cows received the hay and water they needed and were safely guided back to their pens if needed. The ice storm caused a great deal of branches and limbs to fall on the cow pens that needed repair and some they will continue to need repair. Nonetheless we had some tired farmers!

4. With the ice storm taking up a great portion of our week, I didn't do anything fun with my boys for Valentine's Day. That makes me a little sad, but we were all just too tired, and many things needed to be done today. I did spice up lunch with a Valentine's heart brownie, courtesy of my girl Little Debbie. :) I do have them some Valentine goodies for tonight. There's not much cupid action going on with the farmer and I either. I did get a text this morning (after we had talked twice) "Oh yea Happy Valentine's Day." I know he had way too much on his mind and I also know he is extremely last minute. So with the only Dollar General in our community (no we don't even qualify as a town) still waiting on power, there was no hope for even a card and candy. It's all good through. I'll still keep him!

5. I almost forgot I got to read an entire book on Sunday! That hasn't happened in a long time for me and it definitely has to be a good read to keep my attention for that long. After loving Melanie Shankle's first book Sparkly Green Earrings I knew I would want to read her second The Antelope in the Living Room. So when my Raleigh wasn't feeling well and had a fever, I decided to stay home from church with him. I downloaded her new book on my Kindle and it did not disappoint. A fun read for sure!

So that's the highlights and lowlights of our week. We are thankful. blessed. and warm. I hope you are too friends! Happy Valentine's Day!

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