Saturday, February 8, 2014

Give Me Five! It's Friday! Oh's Saturday!

Alright, so I have seen these 5 posts on other blogs and think they are cute! I figured this would help inspire me to post because they are simple enough! I worked on this yesterday, got tired and never posted. Regardless, here are the highlights from our week...

1. We've been trying really hard to get back in the groove of life and homeschooling this week after the fun snow of last week and with the Farmer and I being gone to the SC Young Farmer's and Ranchers Farm Bureau Conference. This is our fourth year attending and we learn so much every year and love being able to network with farmers throughout the state. It's just so good to sit down and chat with good óle farm people yáll! Nothing against you non-farmers, but a farmer's wife can just RELATE to another farmer's wife! Can I get an A-to-the-men? This year we were asked to serve on the YF & R Committee, which means we will help to plan the conference for the next two years and help out with the Farm Bureau State Conference in December. We were really reluctant about being on the committee because of time restraints (we are busy, busy, as is), but after praying about it, decided to give-it-a-go! God has already blessed us through it though because we are on the committee with some really great couples. I so enjoyed getting to know them this weekend and was super excited to have a fellow homeschooler in the mix.

2. My farm boys got to take a fun field trip this week with their Daddy and Uncle. They went to the Farm Show in Raleigh, North Carolina. My oldest has been before, but this was definitely a "big boy" step for my youngest, with the long drive, lots of walking, and all. The farmer said they did great and they were so excited and tired when they got home! Thus I had some time to do some "mama stuff," which included not enough cleaning, a long chat with an old friend, and my number 3 for today.

3. Blog Make-over!! I just love it! Jen at LittleSunshineShoppe on Etsy helped me out with this. I simply gave her my vision and she rocked it out! I loved some of the blogs she had already designed and was impressed at the thorough questions she asked about my blog up-front. She was so good to work with and literally had most of the work done by the time I woke up the next morning. Plus, I asked many, many questions that I am sure would qualify as "dumb," but she graciously answered each one and encouraged me to ask more if needed. Yáll should really go right now and like her shop so you can keep up with the cute things she has for sale. Like right now. Also if you need blog design, she's your gal!

4. Thursday was a busy day for us. Two appointments in two different directions an hour away from home, plus a sick one, but we managed! Raleigh had a check-up with his orthopedic doctor to x-ray his arm. Even though he wasn't feeling great, it was important, and off we went. I am so happy to say that his arm looks great. The doctor is so impressed with how it has healed. Praise the Lord!!

5. Thursday night I made it to our Ladies Meeting at Church. I say "made it" because I have missed the last couple of months for various reasons. I am so glad I went, as I am each time.
A friend spoke and she played "A Love Letter from God." It was my second time hearing it, I think the first time I heard it I sobbed nearly every second of it. This time I tried to really take in each word. If you have never heard it, I encourage you to get alone and watch/listen. Plus if you can find the words ready to print out, add a copy to your Bible to reread when you need to be reminded.

That's all! Thanks a bushel for reading!

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