Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ninja Turtle Intervention

We need a Ninja Turtle Intervention. Or an Engine Turtle Intervention as my youngest would say. We are teeter-tottering on the edge of obsession here. I blame their Daddy for this. Back last Spring he played the Cool Daddy and brought them not one, but the FOUR disc set of TMNT DVDs. We. have. not. been. the. same. since.

Ten out of twelve of their waking hours are filled with "hi-yas" and my personal favorite "boo-like-ka-shas."I thought we would be over this phase by now? I mean Spiderman only stayed around briefly. Elmo too, Elmo I could deal with. Elmo and I had a connection, I am sure of it.

Back in the Summer they changed my name. I was no longer "Mama," but now "April" and I was to constantly shout "Danger danger" and my Ninja Turtles would appear shouting things like "Where's Shredder?" and "Cow-a-bung-a Dude." I mean it was kinda cute that my boys wanted to take care of their Mama and all, but telling April you needed more milk took it a step too far.

It doesn't seem like this phase is going anywhere. We've been TMNT for Halloween, birthday partied it up Ninja Turtle style, bought the t-shirt and all. So I did what any self-respecting Mama would do. I played the Cool Mama card and made my boys a Ninja Turtle Valentine's bag for their Valentine's party at Co-op. And I even let them glue it together, because I know that's what April would do.

**Oh and I strongly felt the eyes needed a black pupil, but my Raleigh begged me not to add one, because apparently when the TMNT really get in the zone with their fighting, their eyes turn white. Who would have thunk it?

Cow-a-bung-a Dudes,


  1. Bobby is really into TMNT, too. We had family portraits done, and as a reward for being so cooperative, I let him pick out a toy. (That isn't bribery, is it? LOL) He picked out a TY beanie baby raphael, and brought it to lunch with us, lol.

  2. photos mean bringing out the BIG GUNS! When we had our last photos done we had more than a few "Come to Jesus Meetings" right in the cotton field!!

  3. Awesome! Thank goodness we are still in the "na na na na Elmo's world" phase. I mean Bob the builder has snuck his way in there (which ended up being the 2nd birthday theme). "Piderman" is sneaking in there somewhere now.

  4. Yes...savor the days! I've also done a Construction/Bob the Builder Party. Lot's of fun!