Saturday, February 8, 2014

Keeping things rolling...

What is "The Wheel" you may ask? The Wheel is my farmer, my better half. He got this name from an old man that we do not know. The old man was traveling and stopped to talk with him as he was baling pine straw beside the highway. Interested in his work, he asked a few questions, and then was on his way. As he was leaving he said "You're the Wheel, aren't you? You're the one who keeps things rolling." That old man hit the nail on the head! He is the one who keeps things rolling on the farm, always a step ahead in his mind, with his boots not far behind. He's not afraid of hard work and he's not afraid to joke around either. If you know him well, you know he always has something up his sleeve. He definitely keeps me on my toes! He has had other nicknames, but this one just kind of stuck for me. In my mind he'll always be The Wheel.

The Wheel has had many hobbies in his day. He's hunted deer, ducks, rabbits, even briefly, coyotes. He's road miles looking for the best hunting dog. He's spent hours in Bass Pro checking out shrimping, flounder gigging, and every other kind of fishing gear. His latest hobby is making videos of the farm. Turns out he's pretty good. This is his latest video and it's one of the best. Enjoy!


  1. Love that video! I have always wanted to live on a farm. I'm such a southern girl at heart. :)

  2. Thank you there's good and bad on the farm, but I don't know any other way!