Sunday, March 23, 2014

be beautiful for me

A big part of starting this blog, for me, was to write about how God was speaking to me. Mostly in hopes that HE could use it to encourage someone else. However I have found that these are the hardest posts, the ones I hang on to and file away because they bear the deepest parts of my soul. In hopes of clicking "publish" more often, I am going to try and post something encouraging on Sundays. Let me know what you think and I would love to hear how God is speaking to you.

I have issues. Self esteem issues. I don't know where they come from but they hang around and creep out at the worst possible times. I truly believe this is just a way that the Devil attacks me and sometimes it takes me a little bit to see it as that - an attack. A few days ago I was getting ready for a gathering. At this gathering I would see people that I don't often see. While I was attempting to get ready I looked in the mirror and it happened, I thought it and I said it... "You look awful." Yep, and I truly believed it, as I have many times before.

Yet this time my Sweet Savior whispered to me "Just be beautiful for me today."

Oh my, such inspiring words. And I knew deep in my soul what he meant...just be kind, encouraging, loving, and serve as if you were serving me.

"Just be beautiful for me today." Wow. How many times have I made my getting ready time about stressing out about how I look to others, when I could be praying to my Savior to use me in the lives of the people I will see, to point them to Him. To glorify him, to praise his name.
Ladies, young and old, I pray the next time you are discouraged about something on your outside that God will whisper to you that HE is concerned so much more about your inside. And to him you are lovely.

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