Friday, March 21, 2014

give me's friday!

1. If you want a telemarketer to hang up on YOU...let your very talkative, somewhat wild four year old answer the phone (wish I had this one on video).

2. It's not everyday you find a chicken in your doghouse. My boys found one in our dog Bruno's dog house on Thursday. It made for an interesting morning because we don't have chickens and I wasn't aware that any of our neighbors had chickens either. Turns out a neighbor recently bought some chickens. This dear soul must have had a fox or something chasing her. So maybe our little Bruno was a hero with all the barking he was doing the night before. He also nicely shared his bed for the night. Her name is Lucy and she was a little hurt. Other than that we were sad to see her go. I may or may not have have texted my husband that it felt like Christmas finding a chicken in the dog house. (No we are not getting chickens)

3. Wet days make for farmers working on equipment in the shop which makes for extra greasy clothes. Mama always said Dawn Dish Detergent is the best for getting out greasy farmer stains. I believe she is right as I have tried lots of different concoctions over the years, but you must put a little scrub into it. Wouldn't that make an awesome commercial for Dawn... a farmer's wife getting out his stains?!? Somebody call Dawn, but you heard it hear first. :)

4. With Spring on my mind this verse has been on my heart...

5. Spring is here! The weather is nice here and I hope it is where this finds you!


  1. What a great idea for telemarketers! I'm going to give that a try:)