Tuesday, March 25, 2014

what farm boys do...

In honor of National Ag Day, I am pulling out a post I wrote this past Summer, but never got around to posting.

What Farm Boys Do...

The morning has been quiet. Peaceful, maybe a little too quiet. No sooner did those thoughts run through my mind do I hear "Get your foot out of my field!" Oh Me!

And I wonder if any other Mamas hear so much fussing over fields! (Which are throw rugs...yes this is what my boys fight over throw rugs, but they make for awesome fields!)

However, this is what my farm boys do, sun-up to sun-down they farm and they farm hard. They've really never taken much to other toys, at least not for long. Except for blocks that yield themselves to bags of seed, bales of tobacco, etc. My little one rises early and happy, like his Daddy. Ready for the day he exclaims "I've gotta go check my barns and then bale hay." The oldest thinks he is the best tobacco stomper there is, because his Nana tells him so.

"Time for breakfast" I call out. The little one calls back "I gotta crop one more row." Well I'll be, I guess they needed one more dump to fill the barn. And who am I to let breakfast get in the way with the barn being filled?

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